Caring for Your Synthetic Lace Wig

Synthetic wigs used to be easy to discern due to their visible luster and low-quality construction. Recent developments in wig technology have antiquated these low-quality products. Premium synthetic lace wigs are created with revolutionary synthetic materials that are strong, durable and have a matte finish, eliminating the shine effect. Taking proper care of your wig […]

What is Remy Hair?

When you are purchasing a wig or hair extensions, human hair is the best way to ensure a natural, indiscernible appearance. Of course, it this assertion is moot if the hair used isn’t of the highest quality. One of the most important components for maintaining the integrity of the hair is the cuticle, which is […]

Buying Lace Wigs Online

We would all like to have an immense collection of lace wigs to choose from, but for most of us, this simply isn’t a reality. On my budget, I can usually afford to purchase a lace wig or two per year, so before I make my purchase I do some thorough research to ensure I find […]