Lace Wigs

Making the Most of Your Front Hair Wig

While lace front human hair wigs don’t offer as much styling versatility as their full lace counterparts, you can still achieve a wide variety of classic and contemporary looks. Updos and ponytails are out of the question with front lace wigs, but the rest of the hair styling repertoire is fair game. One of the trickier aspects of styling a front lace wig is achieving an undetectable part.

Since the lace only covers the front of the wig, it’s literally impossible to have a part that runs the full length of the scalp. This means you’ll have to resort to partial parts. If your scalp or natural hair is drastically different in color from the wig, the part will be quite noticeable. In these instances, try wearing a stocking or skullcap to make the contrast less conspicuous.