3 Ways to Keep your Hair Extensions Looking Great

If you are a female that enjoys the long luxurious tresses that come with investing in hair extensions, then you are also aware of how difficult the upkeep can be. One of the hardest parts of utilizing this popular beauty technique is trying to make your week one wear look as fresh and new as your day one hair. As a woman, it is important to look your best but it becomes increasingly hard to do so when your hair extensions have become a dry, matted disaster. Save yourself the horror of having a bad hair day by using these three tips to keep your extensions in tip top shape.

Brush Everyday

The secret to any long, sleek and sexy hair-do is not actually much of a secret at all; it is well known that the more you brush your hair, the shiner it will be. Not only does the shine increase with every stroke of your brush but the chance of you discovering hidden tangles decreases as the natural oils are distributed from your roots to tips. Be gentle and patient when working the brush through your hair; tugging too roughly can result in serious breakage and ultimately cause more damage than good. Make this step a part of your regular upkeep and your extensions will be able to blend in beautifully with the rest of your lovely locks.

Don’t Forget the Conditioner

The golden rule of hair care, whether it be extensions, wigs, or your natural hair, is that every shampoo job must be followed with a strong conditioner. The natural oils that are stripped from your hair because of the harsh and clarifying chemicals that are found in many shampoos should always be replenished by a generous squirt of your favorite conditioner. Following up with a leave-in conditioner should become a staple in your daily hair maintenance routine as it has the power to alleviate extra tangles and make it easier to run a brush through your hair. Keeping moisture in your extensions will save them from the dry brittle look that will surely occurs after a long period of time.

Don’t Over-Do It

High quality hair products are a must when it comes to caring for your hair extensions but an over use of such predicts leave you and your extensions at risk of being over conditioned. As much as an abundance of nourishment sounds like a good thing, it unfortunately is not with over conditioning having the tendency to take your hair past the point of healthy silk and turn it into a dull limp mess. It also creates extra tangles for you to battle with that will only leave your hair broken and soggy. Keep a steady eye on the amount of products you put in your hair and discourage build-up by washing your tresses frequently.

Be gentle with your extensions, if you provide them with the same love and care that you treat your own hair with, you are guaranteed to have your extensions looking great. If you have any questions about products and techniques to use fir your hair, do not hesitate to do some research or seek out a professional. Finding a maintenance care routine that works best for you will you and your extensions in great shape.