Remy Full lace wigs

Indian Remy Hair Weave VS Chinese Remy Hair

When selecting premium grade Remy hair it is important that you know the difference between the different types of hair. Today we will look at the differnce between Chinese and Indian hair.Indian Remy hair is finer in general but is strong enough to withstand the tensionwhen selected in a premium grade level. It is thinner in diameter than Chinese Remy hair. It holds a curl easier than Chinese Remy and is thus great for curly or wavy styles. However, Indian typically requires more effort to get it straight. That is why Chinese Remy hair is superior when it comes to straight, sleek styles – after you wash it, it dries virtually straight and requires less styling. Chinese  hair is thicker and courser than Indian hair and is therefore great for African American textures such as Yaki. Both Chinese Remy hair and Indian Remy hair can be chemically processed to mimick African American Relaxed hair.  

To summarize, Chinese Remy hair is superior when it comes to straight, sleek, shiny hair while Indian hair is superior for wavey and curly hair styles. Both types of hair are commonly used in weft extensions for weaving as well as lace wigs.