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How to Make Your Lace Wig Bigger in 4 Easy Steps (Wig Hack)



Today’s wig hack centers around extending the stretch of your lace wig if it tends to run a little on the small side for you even with the built in stretch it already has. To locate the built in stretch, flip your lace wig inside out and look on the left and right side of the nape area.



How you can extend that stretch on both sides…

The built in stretchy area consists of a little band and an opening that you can use to pull out the band and make it a little longer.

For this hack you’ll need:

your lace wig

Knitted elastic band

A tape measure

Needle and thread


Step 1

Pull the band out and cut it in half making sure you hold onto both ends so you don’t lose them if they spring back inside.



Step 2

Using the extra piece of stretchy band measure the width of the piece you’re going to add and cut it so that it matches the width of the built in lace wig band. You’re going to be attaching the two and need the band to slip and fit back in the slit easily.



Cut the length you need for the pieces you’re adding.

(Keep in mind that you’ll be extending both sides and don’t want your wig to end up too big.)

So, for example, if you need to increase the size of your wig by an extra 2 inches in total length, cut the extra band you’re adding into 2 pieces, an inch long each, one for each side.



Step 3

Next, sew the cut band you’re adding in the middle of the built-in lace wig band to join it back together . Do this on both sides of your wig.


Once you’ve completed sewing each end, tuck the pieces back inside the slits and you’re done.


Measure the difference…




Lace wig length before wig extension



Lace wig length after wig extension


Adding the extra band will loosen up your wig just enough to make it more comfortable to wear đŸ™‚ …

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