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So Just What Is A 360 Lace Wig?


Admit it. You’ve wondered just what a 360 lace wig is…

The fact is, whether you’re newly about the lace wig life, or an expert, you’ve definitely heard the buzz about the 360 lace wig but, unless you’ve done some research, it’s probably still unclear.


So just what is the 360 lace wig?


The 360 lace wig is a cross between a full lace wig and lace front wig. 360 lace wigs typically have lace around the perimeter with 4 inches in the front and about 2 inches around the back. The middle of the wig, at the crown, are wefts.




“Done for You” Frontal with bundles

The 360 wigs is basically a 360 frontal & Bundles done for you.  You can create your own 360 full lace wig ( FULL TUTORIAL CLICK HERE) with a 360 frontal, wig cap and bundles of hair.

However, if the work is already done for you, the 360 lace wig  looks just like this on the inside;

  • combs in the front, on the sides and at the back
  • an adjustable strap for a firm grip.

And if that’s not enough to get your heart pumping, here is yet another bonus, this wig can be worn with or without glue… 🙂 


I think overall, my favorite attribute of the 360 lace wig is probably the fact that the lace covers the entire perimeter giving your edges a break, and recreating a more consistent hairline around your head.



Check out the video below for a full visual on this great wig option



360 Wigs Lace Wigs Benefits


360 lace wigs have all the advantages of a full lace wig without the price tag since the hand tied knots are limited to the perimeter where the lace is found.

The pros don’t stop there, additional benefits include:

  • 4″ of lace in the front for deeper partings anywhere in the front of your head plus;



  • 2″ of lace in the back making it possible to wear your hair in a high pony or up do




  • Customizable density just sew in more wefts..
  • It’s easy to wear with no tracks showing
  • Lightweight and comfortable on the scalp
  • Usually comes  with Baby hair around the entire perimeter



This wig option is seamless, discrete and virtually undetectable and is a wig that looks, moves and feels real.

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Cheryl Warren