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How to make the perfect 360 Frontal Wig! Step by step tutorial.


When it comes down to it, we all want a wig that gives us options. The 360 frontal wig that we’ll create today makes that a reality for us.

Imagine wearing your lace wig tied up in say, a chic ponytail or french braided for instance, all the while still pulling off an effortless realistic look. The options are endless.

This technique will produce the wig that fits your needs and more importantly your personal style.

So let’s jump right in.


Step 1 – Preparing the Wig Band

  • Turn the wig band out to expose the lace. You want to start by bleaching the knots of the 360 frontal in order to make it blend with your scalp color.
  • Mix peroxide in a 1:1 ratio and spread the bleach on the lace with a  knife as though you were spreading butter on a piece of toast.Do this on the front side of the wig band and then turn it over and do the same thing on the back of it.



Once you have spread the bleach, allow it to set for 30-40 minutes.  Set a timer and go do something fun while you wait!

When you return,

  • wash off the bleach with shampoo,
  • tint the frontal (more on that later) and finally,
  •  condition your wig.

After conditioning and a quick rinse, your wig is ready to pluck!


Step 2 – Plucking the 360 Frontal

To easily pluck the frontal, spray it with water. Pluck it right after conditioning, so that it’s still wet. Be careful to pluck behind the hairline. Do not pluck the hairline because you could create a visible bald patch.



The same process applies to the back of the of the wig. Tie the hair up in a bun, and pluck behind the hairline. While you’re at it, it’s necessary to do the same thing on the sides since this is a 360 frontal wig.


Step 3 – Making the 360 Frontal Wig


The supplies you’ll need are listed below:

Curved Needles & Black Thread

Straight Needles

Wig Cap Mesh 

White Pencil

Wig Combs

Hair clips

Duck Clips

Mannequin Heads

Elastic Band

T pins

Step 3A.

Place the wig cap onto the mannequin head then place the 360 band onto the cap. Drag the wig forward and down to where your ears will be when you wear it. Pin it down.



Follow this same process on both sides of the head then pin down the 360 frontal pinning around the mannequin head and firmly holding the wig cap in place.




Step 3B.


Next, you’ll want stitch the 360 band to the wig cap. Stitch at the base of the lace where the lace meets the hair. Do your best to stitch as neatly as you can around the entire circumference of the 360 frontal.



At this stage, you can cut the extra lace off but this isn’t necessary or maybe even advisable. A better alternative would be to stitch it down also.




Step 3C.


It is at this point, that we begin sewing in the hair. Start at the back of the mannequin head and getting as close to the stitch you made earlier attaching the frontal to the wig cap. Stitch from one side to the other following a semi circle form around the mannequin head.



When you reach the other side, fold over the hair weft and sew it down neatly and securely so that it lays as flat as possible each time. Continue by stitching over to the other side of the head.




Repeat these steps until you reach the top of the head at the seam of the 360 frontal and the wig cap and sew the tracks as closely together as you can to eliminate any gaps.You should only see tiny gaps between tracks.



Step 3d.

After that, cut off the excess wig cap since you’ll want the frontal to blend in with your hairline ultimately. Add the wig combs.



Step 4 – Installing Your 360 Wig


Cornrow your hair back neatly and put on the 360 frontal wig you just made.



Next, carefully trim the lace off at the front of the wig following the natural shape of your hairline.



Pull it forward into place once it’s trimmed and secure your wig. Feel free to style it however you desire, the possibilities are endless..!




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