Remy Full lace wigs

Lace Wig Terminology

Are you new to lace wigs? If so you are probably baffled by all the new terminology you must know to understand the world of  lace wigs. Below are a few improtant words commonly used when describing full lace wigs and lace front wigs.

Yaki– African American/black Hair texture that has been relaxed

Light Yaki -texture is finer and less course than a regular Yaki African American /Black Hair texture that has been finely relaxed.

Kinky Straight-an afro texture – African American Hair that has not been relaxed. Course and more like

Silky– Very Fine and silky like Asian or European Hair

Hair Density– This is the amount of hair on the unit and may also be referred to as thickness orvolume. If ordering a custom unit – choose a density for the hairline, front of wig and the base of the wig. Usually Light-Medium is the most natural looking.

– Light, Light-Medium, Medium, Medium-Heavy, Heavy

Hair Ventelation. A Defined-Part means the unit is limited to certain styles as the part can’t be easily moved.- Freestyle has no built-in tendency. It can be worn in any style.

French Lace– Undectable and it is more durable than Swiss lace. A fine, mesh lace material which is used as a base for lace wigs.

Swiss Lace– is more delicate than French lace; it is also more undectable than French lace. A finer mesh lace material which is used as a base for lace wigs.