Remy Full lace wigs

Summer Heat & Lace Wigs



Summer is in full swing and you want to keep as cool as possible but you also want to rock your lace wig. Wearing a wig during the summer can be very hot and uncomfortable but if you choose the right wig and practice good wig wearing techniques, you will find that wearing a wig in hot weather is no sweat at all.

Here are a few ways you can wear your lace wig & make it through the summer heat;



1. Wear Cap-less Lace Front Wigs; Lace front wigs are a great summer wig solution because they are light weight and are among the coolest wigs available. The cap construction is made with 2-3 inches of lace in the front and open wefting throughout the cap to help air circulate for maximum ventilation.

2. Go Short for the summer; It goes without saying, the short lace wigs are going to keep hair off your neck thus making your feel cooler.

3. Wear Synthetic Lace Wigs;  With heat usually comes humidity. That means limp looking hair and frizz.  Synthetic lace wigs have a lot of positive attributes when it comes to heat and humidly. They hold their style & curl with little to no frizz on even the most humid days. The fibers don’t fade in the sun or turn colors and they are an affordable choice.

4. Go lighter! It may not cool you down but it may well make you feel a lot cooler. If there’s a season to try a lighter colored lace wig outside of your comfort zone then it’s summer. Once you have a little sun on your face don’t be scared to try a different color to emphasize your summer look and highlight how healthy and happy you feel.