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Kamo Knot Lace Wigs:- Better Than Bleached Knots!




When dark hair is knotted to the lace base of a lace wig, the knot of the darker strands of hair creates a noticeable dark dot that can look unnatural when viewed close up.  For many years the solution was bleaching the knots to a lighter color so that they appear less visible.



Bleaching knots can and has been an effective way to improve the appearance of the knots along the hairline, however there are some draw backs to this process.  The more bleaching that takes place, the weaker the knots will be. Weaker knots can break and come unraveled meaning the hair will eventually begin to shed.


Another draw back to bleaching the knots is the fact that the knots may not ever totally disappear. It doesn’t mean dark hair colors can’t be bleached at all, it just means they’ll never look quite as nice or colorless as with lighter hair colors.


The Solution:- Kamo Knots


Kamo Knots

Kamo Knots are a revolutionary new way to camouflage the knots for a realistic hairline without the use of harsh bleach. The knots are camouflaged by dyeing the root of the hair with a light color dye (usually color #4 or lighter), before they are hand tied to the lace.  This surpasses the “bleached knots” effect, without the use of bleach, which which as pointed out earlier can lead to excessive shedding…


The knots are barely detectable by the human eye.


The light color roots significantly decreases the visibility of the knots, as they blend in with the lace.  With the knots camouflaged, the hair truly looks like it is growing out of your scalp.


For a full visual and additional information on Kamo Knots watch the video below…



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