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A Sassy Gals’ Holiday Gift Guide – It’s A List of Our Favorite Things For The 2017 Holidays!



These three letters… They hold so much meaning!

And here we are, the holidays have arrived and this is where we show out ladies, spreading joy… and hopefully, in the midst of that joy, not forgetting to love ourselves too, right?

It’s just that sometimes, you just need to give in and surround yourself with beauty and this is such a time…  In some ways, 2017 has been a trying year for us all, but it’s close to over, and the holidays are a time to celebrate with friends and family and spend some hard earned cash.

In today’s blog, I make some great suggestions for gifts that you could give your best friend, your mother, aunt or even spoil yourself with. A few of them are pulled from Oprah’s List Of Favorite Things for the 2017 holidays and others are simply items I know you’ll enjoy taking a sneak peek at. Hopefully, you’ll find that unique gift you’ve been looking for right here.

So without further ado, let’s spread some joy!

A Unique Gift


 For the Soulful Sister

Have you been through a season where you neglected nourishing your spirit?

Maybe you just had too much going on or you were so busy taking care of everyone else, you never stopped to take care of yourself inside..

So, I start off here because the truth is we can’t give what we don’t have within. Let’s nourish our mind, heart and soul first.

I recommend this must have…

Wisdom of Sundays: Life-Changing Insights from Super Soul Conversations

Super Soul Sunday is a weekly show I do sitting in my yard, talking with the world’s most extraordinary thought leaders. These are power: uplifting conversations now condensed to my favorite aha sound bites. All my net proceeds will go to the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy Foundation; all the joy, nourishment, and original thinking will go to the reader.
– Oprah

 23andMe DNA Test

 To know who are, you must know where you come from and so I found this unique gift an insightful addition to the list, I had to include it here
We all want to be able to picture where we came from, so why not give a friend a genetic test that provides some answers? The good news: You’re probably not related to Attila the Hun. The bad news: You’re probably not part of George Clooney’s family, either.
– Oprah

A Great Thought a Day Notepads

A quiet hour and place to tap into your creative side brings this gift to mind
With yesterday gone, and tomorrow is yet to come,the “present” of each day must be captured in these cute notepads.
With 365 inspiring quotes—and space to write your own thoughts—these pads will make channeling your genius an everyday habit.
– Oprah

For The Fashion Junkie

Ginasy Black Leather Like Leggings Pants

Made from polyester and Spandex, these stretchy, soft, comfortable and non see through,  these leggings are at the top of my list this year. They are youthful and sexy. The high waist tucks in any rolls and the sleek look has a slimming quality.


Pxmoda Women’s Long Sleeve Oversize Fuzzy Warm Fleece Hoodies Outwear

Time to jump on the ‘off the shoulder’ coat and hoodie trend. Rihanna loves them and with one like this cozy one from Pxmoda, you can’t go wrong…


Neely and Chloe: The Market Tote

Useful, stylish and something every woman needs… The market tote.

I love a big tote. These have one zip and two slip pockets, which come in mighty handy whether you’re on a plane or at the farmers’ market.
– Oprah

The Hair Care Enthusiast

Glam up the holidays with a new do.

A sexy lace wig will take you straight to glamorous in minutes. Have you tried a long wavy blonde look or a short curly bob yet? Spell ‘glam’ in 3 letters and you get… J-O-Y!

The Slip Pillowcase

The Kardashian sisters swear by it. And, we all know why we wrap our hair up at night. Cotton is terrible for your hair. It dries the hair out and twists it at the root, causing bed-head, long-term damage and thinning.

Slip pillowcases are made with pure silk, which has a unique glide and “slip” to it – your hair is treated gently while you sleep.

Good Hair Days

Developed by a Hollywood professional with years of experience while working on the sets of hit movies, designing & caring for quality wigs, hairpieces, & extensions have gone into this shampoo and conditioner set.

It deeply moisturizes without causing sliding or shedding of extensions. It contains a UV and thermal protectant to restore strength and luster lost from daily heat styling.

For The Woman Who Needs A Little R&R…

Lollia Dream Bubble Bath

Can you say ‘luxury…’?

I can’t think of any woman who wouldn’t LOVE this…

The exotic fragrance is guaranteed to woo you into sweet rest and relaxation long after the holidays are over…

Taking baths is my hobby, which means I’m never without my white tea and honeysuckle Lollia by Margot Elena bubbles. The bottle is almost as lovely as the relaxation inside.
– Oprah

Emu Australia Mayberry Slides

You can never go wrong with chic and soft slides. These slides seem to make sense after that luxuriating soak in the tub, don’t you agree?
My stepmother had furry pink slippers in 1968, and in 2017, chic women everywhere are wearing them out to lunch. Give a pair to a stylish friend and make her day.
– Oprah

Caroline’s Cakes

Give the gift of relaxation this Christmas with a tiny slice of heaven on earth…

According to Gayle, Caroline’s Cakes is famous for its caramel cake, but one bite of the seven-layer coconut cake takes me right back to Sunday afternoons in Mississippi, with my grandmother in the kitchen cracking eggs and shaving fresh coconut.
– Oprah
What are some of your favorite gifts this year? Comment below!
Cheryl Warren
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