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Lace Wig Hacks That Every Wig Wearer Needs Know, Plus 10 Bonus Tips!

Are you a wig newbie or a seasoned pro?

Wherever you fall on the spectrum, I’m sure you’ll find the following wig hacks and tips useful, read on…

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Hard and or Itchy Lace

Hard lace-front wigs are made of hard plastic which rubs the edges. When a hard lace wig shifts, it is pretty itchy. Wearing hard lace wigs can irritate your hairline or even worse cause hair loss.



A Wig Grip is a great solution for this issue but if you don’t have a wig grip, try using Monistat Gel.

Monistat Gel is made to help with lower torso friction; but works in this case because of the friction caused by the hard lace on your hairline.


How To Use: Just dab a small amount on your finger and gently apply it along the hairline and anywhere else you feel irritation from the lace.  Note that this is not a complete fix but it will help.

Okay, So What About Soft Lace Wigs?


Well, we deal with a different type of issue here, but it’s still an issue regardless and that is that soft lace  can sometimes be a bit difficult to lay flat and blend.


Got2b glue is a good solution. It has a great hold and there are two types to choose from depending on your preferences. If you want to learn more about the differences between the two and the benefits click here where I cover it in detail in a dedicated blog on this topic.

Got2B is great additionally because you don’t need to use much, so a small bottle can go a long way.



Now, suppose that you have none and have no time to purchase Got2B glue, what else can you do? A simple solution is eyelash glue which works in pretty much in the same way and happens to be something you may have in your make-up kit.


How To Use: Dab a small amount where you need it and allow it to get tacky. Place the lace on it and press down firmly, holding it down for a few seconds. This should hold and help your lace lay flat although it’s not as strong as Got2B or any other type of lace front glue.

Caps & Scalps

If you don’t have the right color wig cap on hand here are a couple of things you could do…


Try using concealer. Apply concealer on the cap you have where your part will be.

How to Use: Simply apply it straight onto the stocking cap and lay your wig part directly on top.

If this doesn’t appeal to you since it could be a little messy, the second hack would be to use a Band-Aid.

You could easily use a Band- Aid but it must be the right color; similar to your skin tone.

How To Use: Stick the Band-Aid straight on to the stocking cap and apply your hair piece where you’ll have your part directly over it.


I cover tangling in detail in the following blog post

-Matting & Tangling? What’s Your Sewin Doing? 4 Tips to Smoother, Silkier, Tangle – Free Hair

But in addition to what you’ll read there, a good wick hack to add to that list is using serums. Serums that have silicone in them work well too. A good choice to purchase is Garnier Fructis Marvelous Oil Frizz – Defy.



How To Use: Apply it to the ends from about the shoulder length point and smooth it down and through the hair.

Smelly Wigs

When you wear lace wigs there is a fair amount of sweating that can happen under there and that’s understandable if you consider the fact you’re covering your scalp with a wig cap, wig grip and the actual wig.

Over time this can cause a smell to develop and so a great wig hack is to place a dryer sheet right in the cap portion of your wig and leave it there as you store it overnight or for longer. Next time you go to wear it you’ll be greeted with a fresh smell kind of like the fresh smell of laundry right from the dryer.

This is also a great way in general to keep your wigs smelling fresher longer.

Did you find those wig hacks helpful? I hope so. Credit to @GirlRatesWorld whose YouTube channel is full of awesome content. Be sure to check it out and like and subscribe to her channel.

Bonus!  10 quick tips for wig wearers


  1. Always brush out your lace wig before you wear it.
  2. Don’t put grease on your wig especially if it’s a synthetic wig because it causes the hair to very quickly collect and hold dirt and or dust.
  3. Do get a good quality hair piece; a cheap lace wig will look like a costume wig.
  4. Don’t use conditioner on your synthetic wig; try softener. Read a bit more on this here.
  5. Do shampoo your wigs but don’t rub the hair while shampooing as it will tangle. Run your fingers down and through the hair as you rinse instead.
  6. Just so you are aware; silky wigs easily tangle.
  7. Do go to a stylist to get your lace wig cut and styled so that it looks more natural.
  8. Consider changing your make-up if you change the color of your wig. For example try light eyebrows for a lighter colored hair piece.
  9. If you naturally have a low hairline, consider wearing custom made lace wigs.
  10. If the wefts are coming out of the lace, it’s probably time to replace the lace wig.
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What are some lace wig tips that you use? Comment below, we’d love to know!

Cheryl Warren