Remy Full lace wigs

How Do Lace Wig Adhesives affect your hairline?

Many of us love wearing lace wigs, however how does wearing lace wigs on a regular basis affect our hairline and edges? I have been wearing lace wigs for some time now and have found that lace wigs can thin your hairline if proper care is not taken. Below are a few things you can do to keep your hairline intact.

1. Take care during application: When applying the lace wig, make sure you are not placing the glue too close to your hair line. Doing so can cause hair thinning along the hairline when used without care. If you are using tape, cut the wide tape strips into thinner strips so that the tapes is as far away as possible from your hair line. The one thing I will stress is that the longer you want to keep your wig on without reapplying, the greater the risk for damage to your hairline. I really do not recommend applications longer than 2weeks at a time. So, that’s bad news for those of you who want 4weeks plus of hold.

2. Proper Removal: A rushed removal process can cause the hair to be pulled out when you remove your wig. Use an oil based adhesive remover such as the C-22 Solvent. Spray across the hairline and leave it on for 10 minutes or more to allow the solvent to soften the adhesive. Gently remove without pulling.

3. Wear Glueless Lace wigs: Now you can buy full lace wigs that have adjustable straps and combs allowing you to wear the  your lace wig without adhesive or tape. For those of you with already thin hairlines, Glueless Full lace Wigs are a better alternitive.

4. Give your hairline a break: From time to time i give my hairline a break and hang up my lace wigs for a couple of months. Summer time is a good time to take a lace wig break. As you we all know, lace wigs do tend to get hot and uncomfortable during the hot summer months. Purchase some Remy Weaving hair and try a new look. This will give your hairline some time to breathe and grow thicker.

With proper use, careful application and removal, and reasonable application periods, you can maintain a healthy hairline and wear a full lace wig.