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Face Shape & Your Protective Style, What?! Plus 3 Quick & Easy Looks To Try Today!



So you’re wondering what the shape of your face has to do with your protective style huh..?

Well, let me explain…

You see, when you’re selecting a fresh protective style, for a split second you have to get practical and think about things like:

  • how much time you wish to spend maintaining a certain style,
  • whether the texture of your protective style will accommodate your lifestyle

but, this topic is where you spice things up a little! Sure, if you really don’t care,  it just comes down to personality and your taste in style, but if you let this act as a guide, you’ll be surprised what you find out!

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So let’s begin…

Begin By Examining Your Face Shape


The simplest way to examine your face shape is to pull your hair back off your face and tie it then;

  • Look directly into a mirror and outline your face with lipstick either right on the mirror or a sheet of transparent paper or;
  • take a photograph of you with your hair firmly tied back and outline the image.



Now examine the image closely and compare it to the assorted types of face shapes in the chart below ( as a bonus, eyebrow solutions that match your face shape are also included on the chart!)



It may at first seem to match a couple of different shapes, but it’s more than likely your face will nearly resemble one shape over all others but to make it clear, with each shape;

  1. I’ll be sharing some examples of protective styles that work well with your face shape, and
  2. make affordable suggestions so you can replicate the styles for yourself (Please refer to the affiliate disclosure above)

As a bonus at the very end of this blog is a video with 3 cute lace wig styles you can play with to get started right away, so read on…

So Which Face Shape Do You Have?

Round Face

The round face has the same width brow as the lower face. Think about a circle which is the same width at the top as it is at the base. Round shaped faces usually have big cheeks and a baby-face. Curly styles left down and loose, or curly hair updo’s look great and never go out of style…


Framing The Face

You can stretch the face and minimize the fullness with a style that frames the face. As well as framing the face with a side part or slender off center part helps downplay fullness. Long, streaming strands that cover the side of the face will temper the cheek bones and produce a longer well-defined illusion.

Square Face

The best length is 1 1/2 inches beneath the chin or shoulder length. In addition layered hair helps to cushion the jaw line. Think about parting your hair down one side with a side sweep to produce a different angle.




Chin or shoulder length is always sexy…



Interested in this sexy style? Find it here…



Face framing layers and a side part may likewise weaken an angular bone structure. Think about a shagged layered cut with a deep side part to counterbalance the strong angular characteristics.


Oval Face

Think about an egg-shape, the top and bottom are the same sizing with longer sides. Oval shaped faces may wear any style; all the same I advise that you have your hair away from the face and not to have too broad bangs.

All the same, regardless the length of your style, you’ll look great with layers near your cheekbones, lips or chin, essentially whatever feature you wish to highlight. Prevent short layers that add height on top of your head. This will make your face look long.




Hair off your face looks great!


If you like this look, you can find it here …



Heart Face

Even as the name implies the face is wide at the cheekbones and brow and narrow at the jaw line. Bangs and chin length or longer with layers will stretch the face. By ending the hair at the chin it renders the illusion of an egg-shaped face rather than a pointy chin.



Bangs are great for this face shape…


Clip in bangs are fast and easy, you can find them here…



Diamond Face

Are broadest at the cheekbones, and have a narrow forehead and jaw line of roughly equal widths. Think about a hairdo that adds width at the chin area like chin length bob cuts or shoulder length wisp-like kicked out looks.

Haircuts that are styled tucked away behind the ears likewise work well to flaunt your wonderful cheek bone structure work well too. Likewise, think about square across bangs to shorten longer faces and side parts or side swept bangs that always look very feminine and trendy.


A great style to accentuate the cheekbones


Find instant side swept bangs that will enhance any style, short or long, here



Oblong Face

Have high brows and long chins. In order to minimize the length of the face prevent hairdos that add a lot of volume at the top. Bangs are likewise great to shorten a long face, check out the short video below.




Okay,so  I hope found this blog post both interesting and informative.

I enjoy your feedback and would love to know what your face shape is and your thoughts on styles that enhance it. Be sure to like and share on social media so that your friends can stay informed too!

And if you are looking for new inspiration for your hairstyles, check out 3 Easy Ways To Style Your Lace Wig video tutorial by Ambre Renee below…



Until next week, remember your hair is your crown, flaunt it Queen!

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Have a great day ladies,

Cheryl Warren