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The Mirror Slide For Lace Wig Adhesive Removal



Today I’ll be sharing this useful wig hack from Michigan Baldy himself.  Have you been looking for a quick, no cost way to remove the residue off of your lace wig unit. This method will demonstrate how to remove glue that has accumulated on the base your lace wig.


What You Will Need


your lace wig

Adhesive solvent

Spray bottle 

Moist towelettes

Paper towels

window cleaner

Optional items:

brown paper bag

plastic wrap



Step 1




Apply adhesive solvent on the base of your lace wig. Allow it to set for about 10 minutes. Don’t soak your lace wig with too much solvent, apply just enough to cover the adhesive only because if your unit is totally soaked this method will not work as well.




Step 2


You’ll need a clean, smooth, hard surface. The best option is your bathroom mirror.





Step 3


“The Mirror Slide”


Take the base side of your lace wig unit that has the adhesive on it and put it up against the mirror applying firm gentle pressure on it, then drag or ‘slide’ your unit down the mirror.





The result is that the adhesive will stick to the mirror and come off the base.




Step 4


Cleaning Your Mirror


Using the same solvent that you used to break down the adhesive that’s on the lace, and a spray bottle, spray it onto the mirror and let it sit for a few minutes while you prepare your lace wig for shampooing if you decide to shampoo your lace unit at this time also. I cover how to properly shampoo and condition your lace wig step by step here.


Tolco Empty Spray Bottle, Frosted Assorted Colors



After a few minutes, return to clean your mirror with a moist towelette. Curl the towelette around your index fingers and run the towelette up the mirror, starting from the bottom where you sprayed the solvent. After that, fold to a new portion of the towelette and wipe upwards again.Scott Naturals Flushable Cleansing Cloths Bag 170




Next use a paper towel and apply firm pressure wiping the remainder of the residue off to polish your mirror. You can use window cleaner at your discretion here.




Alternative Methods to Using Your Bathroom Mirror


If the thought of sliding adhesive onto your sparkling clean mirror does not bode well with you, you may try these other options. With each one you do need a smooth hard surface, such as the inside of your bathroom door if not your mirror;

  • brown paper bag cut into two large squares
  • plastic wrap
  • wax paper
  • freezer wrap

3M 109 Wall Saver Removable Mounting Tape (109)




Experiment and see what works for you when you tape up large pieces of any one of these options to your mirror or bathroom door and apply the mirror slide technique to them. Any smooth dry surface will work and when you’re done, after you’re done getting all the glue off of your unit, you can simply peel the paper or plastic off the hard surface and toss it right into the garbage can.



It’s good to note here, that it may take less work using brown paper or cling wrap than the mirror but, as the Michigan Baldy says “You’ll probably get better results running down the mirror”.

Brown paper has been known to remove some hair from the unit but plastic wrap seems to work quite well. Experiment and decide what works best for you!

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Your Lace Wig Companion,

Cheryl Warren