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How to Repair Holes and Tears in Your Lace Wig – A Step by Step Tutorial


Sometimes life throws us small bumps in the road, and they generally wind up happening at a time when it is most inconvenient.

One of these bumps can be in a most inopportune time, whenever you’ve got a special event to attend. As you’re rushing around prepping your lace wig for a night out with friends–BOOM–you find a hole or a tear in the lace. Ugh.

Lace is the most delicate base material and it can be pretty easy to tear. As your lace wig ages, it is prone to some issues.

I want you to know that if this happens to you, don’t have to fret! It is possible to repair holes and rips yourself quite easily.

Yes, I understand that the notion of taking a needle or touching the foundation of your lace wig can be intimidating, but in a few straightforward actions you’ll be all set. To add to that, you can save yourself a small amount of money and time by not sending it in to be repaired, or giving up on your lace wig altogether.

Before you get started, take a deep breath. You can accomplish this!


What You Will Need:

Your ripped lace wig

Styrofoam wig head

Styrofoam Wig Head (Female)

Acetone (Nail polish remover)

Knot Sealer


If you choose to make your repair using the Tape Method

Lace front tape

3M Transpore tape ( same width as lace front tape)

If you choose to make your repair using the Stitch Method


Clear Thread



Let’s begin…


Step 1

Spritz the hair using a little water and comb it through.


Step 2

Turn your lace wig inside out so that the lace is facing you and you can clearly see the area you need to repair.


Step 3

Clean the area that’s been ripped with acetone.




Step 4

Apply knot sealer. Knot sealer will take about 3-5 minutes to dry.



Step 5

Using T- pins, pin the edges of the tear together so that the ripped edges are touching.


Diane Wig T-pins * 2" Long * Silver * Package Of 12



Then select one of the following choices to complete your fix…


Choice 1: Fix with tape



Step 6

Use lace front tape to cover the torn area. Press down firmly with your fingers to ensure the tape has attached to the lace, then carefully trim off the surplus.




Step 7

Cover the tape using a sheet of 3M Transpore tape of the identical size ( cut it if you need to) to reinforce the region and keep it from sticking to your scalp.




Choice 2: Fix by stitching with thread


Step 6

Locate a sturdy thread that matches the color of your system. You may also use clear thread.

I love to thread it through the needle and tie the ends together so that my thread is reinforced.


Step 7

Begin stitching with a straightforward overcast stitch. Keep your stitches small and near the tear so that your comb or brush will not get caught on the thread afterwards. As soon as you’ve stitched the complete tear, double knot the ribbon and cut off the excess.


And, that is it! It is not so scary now, is it?

Have you given up on a lace wig due to tears in the lace before? After this tutorial, do you plan to pull it out and repair it? Let us know in the comments below!

Stay Sassy ladies…

Your lace wig companion,

Cheryl Warren