Remy Full lace wigs

DIY Professional Wig Application for Long Lasting Wear! Up To 4 Weeks!


Today I’m going to demonstrate an easy step by step process for a long lasting hold.  Additionally, this application method is ideal for a person with sensitive or oily skin, or if you’re prone to break-outs.

In spite of the typical skin issues we might have or hold issues we wig lovers become accustomed to dealing with from wearing lace wigs this method can increase the length of hold for up to 4 weeks!

Last but not least, included in today’s blog, I will also show you how  to create realistic partings and a flawless undetectable finish using Mastix P Spirit Gum and tape.


Items You Will Need

  • Your lace wig unit
  • Lace wig adhesive starter kit  .The adhesive starter kit contains all the things you need for a flawless and easy application as well as removal.

For more information on the adhesive starter kit click here…



Application Tutorial


Step 1

You can begin by preparing to cut the excess lace off of your lace unit. To avoid cutting off the baby hair on your lace units pin the hairs back with the hair pins around the perimeter.



Take your scissors and begin trimming the lace as close to the hairline as you can get without cutting off the baby hair.You can cut the lace while it is on your mannequin foam head or for better control you can cut it in your hands. Cut the lace wig around the perimeter until all excess lace has been removed.



Step 2

Before you start your application process make sure your own hair is as flat as possible either by wrapping it or braiding it in cornrows.



To ensure all oils and dirt are removed from your skin rub 99% rubbing alcohol around the entire perimeter of your hairline.




Next use your scalp protector around your hairline perimeter and let it dry. This will help fortify your lace adhesion. Now your skin is prepped for  application. Pull your flesh toned cap down on your head. Apply the Mastix P Spirit Gum on the top of your cap closest to the front of your hairline. Allow the glue to dry. You can also use a hairdryer for faster drying.



Step 3

Once the glue has dried, begin to trim the excess part of the cap carefully around the hairline.



Now you can lay your tape.  If your tape is in thick strips I recommend cutting them into thinner strips. Lay the thin strips of tape across your front hairline on top of the wig cap.



Add strips of tape around the back hairline.





Now add a layer of your adhesive on top of the all the strips of tape going around the entire perimeter. The lace wig must be applied while adhesive is wet when using Mastix P Spirit Gum.



If you are using ultra hold adhesive please allow the glue to dry and become tacky before applying your lace wig.


Step 4

Place the unit on your head and find the center. Pull the front perimeter on your unit to the adhesive line. Once you have positioned your lace, use your finger or a comb to press in place. Continue this process around your entire hairline until your wig feels secure.



Tie a bandanna around your head and wait 10 minutes to ensure the glue is set before styling.



Now you’re ready to comb, part and style your hair as desired.  The great thing about this method is that it will improve adhesion for

– hot/humid weather,

– people with oily skin,

– sports activities that increase sweating as well as for swimming.

You can be confident that you’ll have a long lasting hold for up to 4 weeks and at night, if you choose to, you can remove it using C-22 to dissolve the glue.

Watch the full video tutorial below to go from ordinary to sassy!  Be sure to connect with me here in the comments below or on our Facebook page and let us know about your long lasting lace wig application experience! And if you have a particular topic you’d like me to cover in my blog feel free to comment below and let me know, I’d be happy to cover it!

Stay Sassy ladies,

Cheryl Warren