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Bleach Your Knots The Right Way In 3 Simple Steps!

Have you been wondering how to bleach the knots on your lace wig unit as a permanent solution to a real looking scalp when you install it? Today, I’ll demonstrate how to bleach your knots in 3 simple steps!


What You Will Need…


Quick White Powder Lightener


Mixing Bowl

Mixing Spatula

 Flat Application Brush

Salon Hair Coloring Dyeing Kit Color Dye Brush Comb Mixing Bowl Tint Tool Bleach by ATB

Knot Sealer

Lace Wig


Let’s begin…


Step 1

Lay down a towel in case it gets a little messy and place a square piece of foil on top of your towel (the foil will speed up the processing time once you wrap your lace wig with the bleached knots in the foil). Pore the bleach in the bowl, and add the cream developer. Mix the mixture until you get a toothpaste – like consistency.



The consistency has to be thick enough so that it won’t seep through the lace and bleach the hairs.



Step 2

Smooth all the baby hair back out of the way. It may help you to use water to smooth them back.




Turning your lace wig inside out, grab the flat application brush and the bleach mixture and gently apply it to the lace. When you have completed covering the lace with the bleach, wrap your wig in the foil to process as mentioned above.






Finally, set a timer for 15 minutes and wait.




Step 3

At the end of 15 minutes when it is done processing, grab a hanger with clips to hold your wig firmly for shampooing.




Hold your wig front facing downwards, to avoid rinsing the bleach down the length of the hair. This will make sure all the bleach will run straight down from the front of the wig into the drain ( see video below).





Rinse your lace wig thoroughly with cool water, then use a neutralizing shampoo to stop it from over- processing.



Apply shimmer lights to the bleached areas to get the brassiness out of the roots.


Image result for thumbtack image Over- processing will cause shedding so remember to apply Knot Sealer to prevent shedding after.




The result?  A wig with a natural looking  scalp!

View the 2 minute instructional video below of this demonstration. Enjoy!



I welcome your comments and invite you to share your experience with this technique.

Until next week with more tips for your lace wig care…

Your lace wig companion,

Cheryl Warren

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