Lace Wig Care

Why Your Water May Be Drying out your lace Wig and How to Prevent it.

Lace Wig TanglingThere are several factors can dry your lace wig which leads to crunchy hair that tangles, mats & sheds.  Harmful alcohols in hair products, heat styling and blow-drying are among the top offenders but there is one factor that is commonly overlooked–
the quality of your water.

So what exactly is in your tap water?

As lace wig wearers, most of take special precautions to protect our hair from swimming pool water because it is well known that chlorine dries out the hair. It also causes oxidation that makes the hair lighten or change colors.

Well, you will be surprised to know that that here in the U.S. most of the treated water that flows into your home can contain more chlorine than a swimming pool! Yep, that means you may as well be taking your lace wig for a swim every time you wash it.

Conditioning may not be enough

As we may all know, natural hair is naturally moisturized by scalp oils which keeps it moist & alive. Because the hair on your unit is no longer attached to the scalp, it is easier for that hair to dry to out.  Because of this, we make a concerted effort to keep our hair systems conditioned with leave-in and rinse-out conditioners, and hair serums and oils.

Chlorine may be great for killing bacteria, but it wreaks havoc on our hair.  Just think about the naturally dehydrating quality of salt. Likewise Chlorine acts similarly by sucking all of the moisture out of your hair (and the color along with it), creating tangling, frizzing, matting and breakage. So, even if you’re faithfully conditioning your hair and avoiding heat styling and harmful alcohols, the chlorinated water in your home may be undoing all of your hard work.

Water Filter
Water Filter

Here is the Solution

So now that you know the water in your home likely contains a log of chlorine, it is really important that you take precautions to filter your water to ensure chlorine is not getting into the hair shafts on your unit causing it to dry out.

An easy and inexpensive way  to reduce or remove harsh chemicals from your tap water is to purchase a water filter specifically for that purpose. Check out the Aqua Elegante Water Filter Chrome on amazon for only $29.99. Along with Chlorine, this water filter reduces contaminants like sediment,  cysts, benzene, asbestos, mercury, & lead. It also kills bacteria and inhibits the growth of scale, lime, mold, and fungi.

So for a few dollars you can protect your $300+ Remy or Virgin Hair Lace Wig investment and drink cleaner water as a bonus.