Lace Wig Care

How to Care for Yaki Lace Wigs

So you have already conquered the daunting task of purchasing your lace wig, but how do you go about caring for it? Caring for a lace wig is a very serious task for it contributes to the longevity and overall duration of the wig. If you not care for it properly then it will not last as long and the quality of the wig could be compromised. Taking care of a lace wig can be time consuming, but it is worth the result of how natural the result is when you have completed the wig application. Below is how to care for Yaki lace Wigs.

Wash wig on a mannequin head

You should always wash your Yaki lace wig on a polystyrene or Styrofoam mannequin head. Doing so will provide you with more control over the whole cleaning process so that you can ensure you are carrying out the task carefully. Do not wash your Yaki lace wig too often for it will cause the wig to wear out quicker.

Use shampoo for dry or damaged hair

Using a shampoo for dry or damaged hair will help with styling the wig and work to control any frizz the wig may exhibit. If the wig is colored, then you should also ensure that you use a shampoo that is color-friendly. When rinsing your Yaki lace wig you should do so carefully and with cold water until all of the shampoo is gone. The aim with keeping the wig clean is to avoid dust and moisture to help prolong the durability of the Yaki lace wig.

Use an anti-frizz serum

You can use an anti-frizz serum on your Yaki lace wig when it is still wet to help control frizz, but you should only do so sparingly. Using too much hair products on a wig will clog it and you will have to wash it more frequently. Try and avoid any hair products with mineral oils as this can ruin your Yaki lace wig. Using a bit of water or hair spray may be sufficient enough to control any frizz on your Yaki lace wig—you may not even need to use any hair products.

Use low heat settings

The safest way to preserve your Yaki lace wig is to always style it on a low heat setting and to try and reduce how often you use heat styling on the wig. Using a high heat temperature, or styling with heat too often, can damage the fibers of the wig and shorten its lifespan. You should also always let your wig air dry after washing it—you should never blow dry your Yaki lace wig.

Caring for your Yaki lace wig may seem like a large time investment, but it is worth the commitment if it can prolong the life of your wig. Washing it properly and using low heat will allow the wig to last long and prevent it from breaking down. For more information on how to properly care for your Yaki lace wig, visit the website for Sassy Secret today!