Lace Wig Care

3 Tips for Storing Your Lace Front Wigs Safely

Lace front wigs, just like any other wigs, can be huge parts of our every day grooming. We work to keep them perfect so that every time we go to use them, we can look our best! It is easy to neglect the care of your wigs if things get too busy, but tricks that will prolong the life of your lace front wigs do exist!

  1. Head Blocks are a Blessing

When choosing a mannequin to store your wig on, make sure to look for ones with head shapes that are similar to your own. This prevents the wig from morphing shapes into something that becomes uncomfortable or hard to keep on when you are wearing it. The best way to ensure a great experience with any wig is to make sure that it looks great and also that it feels great! You wouldn’t pay for a manicure if it was going to look good, but hurt every day, would you?

Head blocks make it very easy to style your wig as well! Placing the wig on a head block for styling makes it simple to keep the wig from getting tangled or for uneven cuts. Store your wigs in a clean manner, which provides less room for mistakes that could potentially ruin your favorite wig.

  1. Utilize the Hairnets!

If you are looking to maintain a particular style when you are maintaining your wigs, make sure to invest in a hairnet. By placing a hairnet over your wig while you are not wearing it, you can be sure that the style you have created will remaining place. Keeping your hair in perfect order is not the only function hair nets can have! They are also useful for creating styles for everyday use, such as a perfect bun kept in place with a similar toned hair net, and held in place with bobby pins.

  1. Not Too Cold, Not Too Hot

It is important to make sure your wigs are not kept in rooms which are extremely cold or extremely hot. Although you will be wearing it constantly, the wig should be protected as much as possible. If your hair needs to be trimmed because of split ends, imagine how much care you need to put into your wig to ensure this happens later, rather than sooner.

Human hair must be continuously shampooed and conditioned, so if you are allowing the wig to air dry, make sure there is not too much humidity. The humidity ruins the wig by weakening the hair strands, and making knots more common. A well-kept wig will be brushed daily and removed of the tangles, which if left untreated, could lead to more severe tangles that could destroy the hair entirely.

Lace wigs are a great option when looking to buy a wig because of their light weight and natural appearance. They are incredibly versatile, but they are not indestructible! Make sure to keep your lace front wig stored properly and safely so you can continue to use the wig until it is finally time to buy a new one.