Lace Wig Care

Tips for Keeping Your Wigs in Great Shape

Wigs can be used for a great variety of things, but keeping your wig in shape over time can be hard. Whether it’s a lace wig, hair extensions or a synthetic wig, when you go to crack your wigs out for Halloween or conventions, you should be able to just pull it out and put it on. If you want to keep your wigs in great shape, follow these small maintenance tips that will preserve your wigs for a long time to come.

  1. Get a Head Mannequin

Head mannequins are used to keep wigs in shape and make sure they don’t lose their style. Head mannequins can cost as little as twenty dollars if you buy a cheap one, so it might be a good idea to invest in one. You can save tons of money on future wigs if you just keep the ones you currently have well maintained and shaped.

  1. Use a Hair Net

If you put a hair net over the wig you have on your head mannequin, then you might mess up the hairstyle a bit but you wig will be well-kempt over time. It is better to keep the wig hairs contained than to just throw your wig on the floor until it’s time to use it again. Use the hair net and prevent further damage and wear to your wig.

  1. Use Hair Spray

Hair spray works for regular hair, so why can’t it work for wigs? Although wigs are made from a different product than natural hair, hair spray can still have the same affect. It sticks the hair together to keep it in shape. If you use hair spray one or two times a month on your wig, it will keep the wig from getting loose hairs and from losing its shape. It will also prevent the wig from getting knots.

  1. Clean It

If all is lost and the wig is really dirty, consider running it under water and washing it with shampoo. Although the wig will lose its shape, you can always bring it to a wig or hair stylist and pay them to restyle it for you. No one wants to wear a dirty wig around a convention center or to a Halloween party, so make sure you take care of your wig and prevent it from getting dirty.

If your wig gets a little dusty, then take a damp paper towel and run it through the parts of the wig with dust on it. Then, use a blow dryer to dry the lightly dampened strands and blow the last remnants of dust out. Dusty wigs are unhygienic and should be cleaned.

If you want to keep your wigs well maintained and in good shape, then these tips should help you. Using a healthy amount of hairspray, a head mannequin and a hair net will preserve your wig for years to come. Make sure to clean the wig and get rid of any dust particles that accumulate over time. If you follow these steps, then you should be able to maintain any wig you buy for years to come.