Lace Wig Care

Do’s and Don’ts: How to Pack Wigs for Travel

When packing your wigs for trips to conventions and parties, or even just for casual travel, there are some things that you have to consider. Packing a wig can cause the wig to lose its shape, so when you pack it, you need to be extra careful. Keep reading to find out what you should and shouldn’t do when packing your wigs for travel.


Use a Head Mannequin

If you have the space, then put your wig on a mannequin and put it on your suitcase. It will be easier to keep the wig’s shape and style if it has a base of some sort to use. If you don’t use a head mannequin, the wig could lose its shape and the wig might eventually stop fitting your head. If you can’t use some type of base, then put it in a Ziploc baggie with a hair net on it.

Use Hairspray

Using hairspray on your wig before packing it for travel will keep the hair strands hard and sticky so that they keep the hairstyle of the wig. If you don’t mind the style being broken, then you don’t have to use hairspray. However, hairspray can also aid in helping to keep the strands of hair attached to the wig. When strands start to fall out of a wig, then more will normally fall out in succession until most of the base strands are gone.

Use a Hair Net

As previously mentioned, a hair net can help keep the strands of hair attached to the wig scalp. If you can’t fit a head mannequin into your luggage, then put a hairnet on the wig and put it in a huge Ziploc or plastic bag. The hairnet will preserve the wig and if you use hairspray before putting the hairnet on, the wig style will stay in better shape.


Carelessly Throw Your Wig into the Suitcase

If you just carelessly chuck your wig into your luggage, then chances are that the style will get messed up and many strands of hair will fall out. Think carefully when you try to store your wigs for travel. Pay attention to the “dos” of the article and follow them closely because they are your greatest chance for keeping your wig’s style and shape.

If you plan to travel, these wig maintenance tips will help you out tremendously. Whether you are packing synthetic wigs, lace wigs or something else, the kind of care you give to your wig will be around the same most of the time. Nothing really changes unless you have just plain hair extensions. With hair extensions, you want to come them and put them in an air tight baggie.

If you are still having trouble packing your wigs, then consider getting help from the professionals at Sassy Secret. Their staff is there for you to utilize so that you can store your wigs properly and keep them for a long time to come. Now, go and pack that wig the right way.