From Thin To Fabulous

My daughter has beautiful, long auburn hair. The only problem is that it’s a little on the thin side. And she’s always complaining to me that she can’t style her hair how she wants it. When her junior prom was coming up, I made her an appointment at my salon to get her hair done. […]

Lace Wig Terminology

Are you new to lace wigs? If so you are probably baffled by all the new terminology you must know to understand the world of  lace wigs. Below are a few improtant words commonly used when describing full lace wigs and lace front wigs. Yaki– African American/black Hair texture that has been relaxed Light Yaki […]

Wearing Your Lace Wig

Most people spend hours contemplating their lace wig purchase, but how you attach the lace wig is just as crucial in determining how it looks in the end. If you have never applied a lace wig before, your best bet is to start with wig adhesive kits. These comprehensive sets have everything that you’ll need to apply […]

Buying Lace Wigs Online

We would all like to have an immense collection of lace wigs to choose from, but for most of us, this simply isn’t a reality. On my budget, I can usually afford to purchase a lace wig or two per year, so before I make my purchase I do some thorough research to ensure I find […]