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New Year! Lose 25 Pounds with the effective 3 week diet challenge!



I have struggled with my weight since I had children. I came across the 3 week diet but I was skeptical simply because I have tried so many diets that just never worked for me. I did my research and due diligence on the program and found mostly good reviews. I went on to read reviews and watched video reviews on YouTube. After that I was ready to take the plunge, after all what’s $47 I thought.

I ordered the program and was able to download it immediately & get started right away. I liked that I did not have to count calories and only had to work out 15 minutes a day. As a busy woman, that is was not too much to ask at all. I am pleased to say, in less than 3 weeks I lost 22 pounds! It is truly amazing what I learned about how the body works and burns fat. I am truly grateful I found this weight loss challenge.

I am guest blogging on this site to share my success with other women out there struggling with their weight. I have been sharing this everyone I know including my sister who is getting married in June 2017 & needs to shed pounds for her big day.

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