Lace Wig Storage Ideas

Your wig is a normal part of your everyday routine, but what do you do when you’re not wearing it? Whether you rock the same wig every day or have a whole collection to choose from, here are a few different storage ideas to keep your wig looking brand new. Store Short Term From day to […]

Lace Wig Hacks

You’ve got the perfect lace wig, now check out these hacks to help keep it looking brand new! Camouflage Your Wig Cap If your lace cap doesn’t match the exact color of your skin, just take a little bit of powder concealer and brush it along the areas of the lace that will be seen. […]

Achieving A Natural Hairline Through Plucking

A natural hairline gives your lace wigs a realistic look, but it must be done correctly. Creating a natural hairline involves tweezing the hairline, unless the lace wig comes “pre-plucked” with a natural transitional density hairline (click here to view ready made available natural hairline or pre-plucked lace wigs). Read on for step by step […]