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Hide Those Pesky Knots! Lace Wig Tip 101 – Easy! No Bleaching!


Today I’m going to be giving you a really quick and easy alternative to bleaching those pesky black knots on your lace closure, frontal or wig. This method will give your perimeter and parting a more natural appearance that looks more like your skin tone or real scalp in about 10- 15 minutes because this is what you don’t want…

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So let’s begin!


Products you will need:

Your lace closure, frontal or full lace wig

canvas head for wigs


Your personal face powder or foundation

Holding spray or hairspray

A dense make up brush

Step 1

So the first thing you need to do is expose the lace.



Turn the wig inside out and place the wig on your canvas head. Lay her flat and smooth the hair back and out of the way.


Step 2


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Using  3 t-pins, pin her down securely in the center of the head and on each side at the ear.


Step 3

Image result for morphe brush

Next grab your face powder compact or foundation and apply some to your dense make up brush. You’re going to be covering up those nasty black dots and make them the same color as your skin tone so that is why you’ll use your own personal powder/foundation.



Pack on the powder or foundation onto the lace starting at the perimeter going backwards. Apply it in an up and down ‘stamping’ motion and make sure you really press down as you apply it on the lace so that the foundation goes through the lace to the other side and covers those knots.



Step 4

Now, here’s the secret… Spray the holding spray directly onto the lace and let it sit for about 10 minutes, then go back and add more compressed powder/foundation. You can do this as many times as you like depending on the level of coverage that you like.



Image result for thought light bulb The reason this step is vital is because the holding spray ‘seals’ in or sets the powder/foundation and it won’t rub off . It will last until your next wash or maybe longer!


Step 5

Pull the t-pins out.



Turn your lace closure, frontal, or full lace wig over the right way and use a damp towel to wipe off any powder or foundation that made it onto the hair with quick smooth strokes and you’re done!



I hope you find this method useful. There are several reasons to go this route with your knots. Its quick and easy and bleaching your knots can be tricky business. Consider this fact also:  the chemicals in the bleaching process can cause the hair close to lace to become brittle and break or shed a lot quicker or even create small tears in the delicate lace too thus making a hole in the lace. If you have a hole in your lace wig check out this blog post on how to repair holes in your lace wig.

Let me know your thoughts on bleaching and this non- bleach alternative in the comments below sassy ladies.

Talk soon,

Cheryl Warren