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Got2b Glued for Lace Wig Application


got2be glued

When you’re standing in the hair aisle and notice that a product is almost out, that’s ‘got2b’ a good sign. Haha… yes, pun intended. You see lace wig wearers are taking their wig wearing to new strengths with göt2b ultra glued invincible styling gel.  It’s a brand that everyone’s talking about and it claims to be the ultimate gel… Jokes aside, its for a wig that ain’t going nowhere.

This product is powered by a high-tech styling agent, Alpha XTR, to bring you the strongest gel hold ever.


How To Apply ?


Step 1

Dab it on the perimeter.



Step 2

Use a little warm air to get it tacky.



Step 3

Lay your wig down, press it firmly.



Step 4

Blow dry a little more and style away.



More on how to apply the product and style in the video below…



The 2 Best Seller Hair Gels



The two best seller hair gels are:

Yellow – Got2b glued water resistant spiking glue and the ;

Black – Got2b Ultra glued invincible styling gel.


So what is the difference and which should you choose?


 1. Yellow – Got2b Glued Water Resistant Spiking Glue



  • “Screaming”  hold , in fact they claim it’s “wind-tunnel ” tested!
  • It is a white paste form.
  • Works well without the freeze blast spray.
  • Is water resistant and stays put and clear when wet.
  • May leave residue under frontal when not applied properly.



 2. Black – Got2b Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Gel



  • Styling gel with a crazy good glue-like hold.
  • Non-sticky, no flakes.
  • Good for styling and shaping baby hair and works well for edge taming.
  • Is clear and dries clear.
  • Turns white when wet like glue.
  • Works better with the freeze blast spray.


Final thoughts on Got2b glue…


This is a great product but as with everything else when purchasing any product, judge it on how it will fit into your lifestyle, with your body chemistry, the humidity, your look and your comfort level.

We insert a word of caution here: proper and careful use suggests that Got2b should not be applied on your edges because it has a strong enough grip to rip out your edges when removing your lace wig. So just be careful as you slay that lay and brave those wind tunnels from now on  sassy ladies!

I hope you found value in this, let me know in the comments below…

You Lace Wig Companion

Cheryl Warren