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Save your edges: How to install your lace wig, no sew, no glue, no tape!

Lace Wig Grip


We all know that the last thing we want is for our wig to move or slip and it makes sense that a we’re on a mission to find a way to wear our luxurious hair securely, even if it means that we sometimes wear our lace wigs uncomfortably and at the expense of our precious delicate edges. Glue and tape can damage your edges while sewing in your lace wig may be not be an option for those who remove their wigs to sleep.


Using The Wig Grip


Using the Wig Grip is a way to wear your wig and not have deal with the aforementioned issues. It is a band that essentially holds your wig in place… securely. Put it on first, under your wig, and you can then attach your unit firmly and you don’t have to use any combs, bobby pins, tape or glue again. Pretty good, right?!

In fact, it’s so good, we think it is worth repeating that (since the last thing that you want is for your wig to slip, remember?) your lace wig will stay put with the wig grip. Think about it, this could also be a good choice if you feel as though your wig has stretched a little bit and doesn’t fit as snugly as it did before.


So, the wig grip comes in three different colors: black, beige and brown and can be purchased under $20 on It’s probably a good idea to purchase the color closer to your skin or scalp color to blend into your lace wig parting. Is it a worthy purchase? Definitely!

Manufactured using an ideal soft velvet-like material with a Velcro strap, this simple adjustable one size fits all band eliminates headaches and bald spots. It will protect your edges.

Instructions on how to fasten the wig grip are found on the label which needs to be placed facing outward by your right ear ( i.e. label showing).


So, let’s get started and save those edges…

Step 1 – Begin by braiding or tying your hair back. Place the wig grip directly behind your edges and secure the wig grip by connecting the Velcro ends.  Simply secure the wig grip comfortably in place, no need to put it on tight.

Step 2 –   Carefully place your unit on your head exactly where you want it because once it’s attached to the wig grip it “grips” on firmly and won’t move. Adjust your lace wig by gently pulling the hair into the position you desire. Finally, secure your lace wig at the back of your head.

Voila! Once you have secured your hair in place, rest assured that your hair will not budge.

Step 3 – Clip your hair back and focus on styling your edges to create a more natural look and feel.

Step 4 – Release your hair from the clips, fluff it out and style.


Point to note: Since the wig grip is soft velour, it can get warm under your wig however, once it is on, and you have fastened your lace wig to the wig grip, it will not move. So, say goodbye to the need for tape, bobby pins, or glue on the hairline, pulling and disappearing edges as well as bald spots behind the hairline. We give the wig grip a thumbs-up as a solution to saving your precious edges, hassle-free.