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Box Braid Lace Wigs; Tips & Tricks

IMG_7044pBox braids are back, if they ever really left. Want proof? Look no further than those influential Sisters Knowles-

I had been wanting to jump on this trend for a while. Now I am a lace wig person. I love that I can have beautiful hair in minutes without spending time & money at the hair salon. So going for micro braids, was going to be stepping out of my comfort zone. After thinking about it for a while I finally did it, but in the way you would expect.

Because I am a busy woman, juggling a career and a couple of kids, I really don’t have time to sit for hours getting my hair braided. The last time I ever had my hair braided was back in the early 90’s and all I can remember is how tender my head was and how the braiding process dragged on for hours.

Without going into too much detail, i sought a Box Braid Lace Wig online. Yes they do exist & I was pleased to find this alternative! I had a full head of braids in less than 25 minutes, not to mention it only cost me $89 total as opposed the $200 I had been quoted by local hairstylist.

Here are a few tips on how I made my braided lace wig work for me;

1. I cornrowed my own hair and wore a stocking cap.

2. I then sewed the lace wig on to my head like one would a weave. The reason why did this is because I wanted to wear the braids for an extended period of time without having to take it off & on.

3. Because I wanted a it to look more realistic, I left out my front hairline going in about an inch then braided the front hairline. I then blended the braids along my hairline with the braided lace wig. This looked so realistic I had people asking me who did my braids.

So yes ladies, if you are like me, and just don’t have the time nor the patience to have your hair braided, give braided lace wigs a try.