Remy Full lace wigs

Lace Wig Hacks

You’ve got the perfect lace wig, now check out these hacks to help keep it looking brand new!

Camouflage Your Wig Cap

If your lace cap doesn’t match the exact color of your skin, just take a little bit of powder concealer and brush it along the areas of the lace that will be seen. In doing so, you’ll create a natural look without a ton of effort.

Secure Your Non-Clip Wig

If your wig doesn’t come with clips, use a few bobby pins to secure your wig to your hair. To help camouflage the bobby pins, choose a color that’s close to the lace color on your wig.

Sleep with Your Wig On

If you’ve gotten your wig in perfect position and you don’t want to redo it in the morning, use this hack to sleep with your wig on. Grab a lightweight scarf and tie it around your head as tightly as possible. Collect as much of the hair from your wig and secure it with the scarf to prevent it from tangling overnight.

Keep Your Wig Clean

To wash your wig, use the appropriate cleanser and wash the hair in a downward motion over the tub or sink. Rinse it thoroughly, and gently squeeze out any excess moisture. Next, grab a plastic hanger from your closet and gingerly hang the wig. Leave the wig hanging on your shower curtain rod or bathroom door overnight. If need be, finish drying your wig with a blow dryer in the morning.

Touch Up Your Oily Wig

Over time, you may find that your wig begins to feel oily from exposure to your hands, scalp, and the atmosphere in general. If you don’t want to go through the full process of washing your wig, simply sprinkle a bit of baby powder on the roots of the wig and work it through the hair with a brush, comb, or your fingers.

Maintain Your Wig

When your wig begins to tangle, grab a wide-tooth comb and some leave-in conditioner or warm water. Dampen the hair, and then begin combing at the end of the strands. You may be tempted to brush from the root out, but doing this will cause hair to fall out and may even ruin your wig. Instead, gently comb through the bottom of the wig and work your way up, always following the natural follicle of the hair.

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