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Types of Synthetic Hair & The New Futura HD!

Synthetic hair is a available in a wide variety of qualities and with each comes unique properties.

There are primarily 4 types of Synthetic fibers that are used to create the hair we wear.

1. Polypropylene Fiber

Although this is made to look like human hair (and perhaps this is the only pro), this type doesn’t hold it’s shape well, nor does it seal well either. Another issue with this fiber is that splatters when you apply heat to it.

Polypropylene fiber is meant for installation in cornrows and individual braids but isn’t good for much else.

2. Toyokalon

This type of synthetic hair holds its shape extremely well.

Great for braiding styles that have flips or curls at the end and for crochet patterns like Rods.

Toyokalon is also what is oftentimes wefted, meaning that it is used for weaves and will retain its pattern for long periods of time.


3. Kanekalon

Lighter than Toyokalon, this synthetic fiber is flexible and is made to be manipulated by heat.

Its ability to melt into itself means that it can smoothly roll into the heat seal. It doesn’t splatter, sputter or smoke when heat is applied to it.

It is used a lot to make curl patterns and synthetic dreads because of its ability to retain the pattern when heat is applied to it.

With all these pros, one disadvantage that could be noted is that it tangles.

4. Shapeshifter

Shapeshifter also works very well with heat but can stand higher temperatures.

Designed to be an affordable human hair alternative, it has a lot of working properties that you find in human hair plus the same sheen and thickness of strand as human hair.

It goes without saying that, Shapeshifter can be used in a lot of applications where Kanekalon is also used. If installing styles that are open ended, the Shapeshifter however, is silker and shimmers more that Kanekalon options.

The development of shapeshifter has resulted in the highest quality synthetic hair on the market today. Known as Monofiber grade A+, it has an extremely realistic look and feel of human hair.

Monofiber Grade A+ Synthetic & FUTURA HD

Since Monofiber Grade A+ does not contain polyethelene, it is heat resistant. If you were to cut a strand and look at it from the cut end, the cylindrical shape is the reason it:

  1. does not have the tangling issues of Kanekalon
  2. reflects light much softer, giving it a natural human hair luster that you’re familiar with.

Since Monofiber grade A+ is fairly new to the market, most of the public is unaware of the quality improvements that have been made on this affordable hair piece option.

Even more to celebrate is a is a type of Shapeshifter Monofiber that most resembles human hair known as FUTURA HD an even higher grade.

FUTURA HD is exclusive to Sassy Secret as they have taken the extra step to infuse protein and collagen into the synthetic fibers for the most natural look and feel of the hair.


1. Can be curled, flat ironed and steamed and hot water set

2.No unnatural shine or thickness

3. Sheen and silky texture that imitates human hair

4.Heat resistant up to 400 degrees

With all the synthetic alternatives that are on the market, hopefully this will help you determine which one is right for you.

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