Applying a Lace Wig behind a the hairline for Natural Appearance.

Lets Face it ladies, the most natural looking hairline is your own. No matter how well made a lace wig hairline is, it can only look natural to a certain extent with close inspection. For this reason many women have figured out that applying the lace slightly behind their own hairline gives them a much more natural look. Many celebrity such as Beyoncé are have employed this increase popular lace wig hack.
Here is how its done:
1. Braid your own hair leaving out half an inch (or an inch) of your own hair line.
2. The second step is optional but I highly recommend it, is to sew in an elastic band from one temple of the lace wig to the other. This step will ensure the lace wig lays flat and it also insures the lace with blend in with your scalp when parted.
3. Place the unit on your head bringing the lace wig hairline as close as possible to your leave out.
4. Sew in your lace wig to ensure it is secured and will not move out of position.
5. Part the lace wig & your hair line in the middle or on side as desired.
6. Use concealer or foundation on the part to blend the lace in with your own hairline at the leave out.