Sew in Your Lace Wig Instead of Using Adhesive

Lace Wig Sew In Tutorial

Things your will Need:

1. Banana Clips
2. An old tooth brush
3. Large Bristle Brush
4. Weaving thread
5. Curved Weaving needle
6. Your Full Lace Wig

Watch the video above for a full demo on how to sew in your full lace wig or lace front wig as an alternative to using glue.


It used to be that lace wigs and weaves were only accessible to celebrities; for everyone else they were much too cost prohibitive. Luckily, that has changed in the last decade or so, and now even the average “Joanne” can enjoy the versatility and sophisticated style of a lace wig. Most people are confused, though, when it comes to having a lace wig sew in or adhesive. Like most things in life, there are pros and cons to both.

Lace wig adhesive


  • It can be much quicker than a sew-in process; just apply the adhesive and you’re all set!
  • Adhesives make it easy to change your hairstyle; you can put your hair up and style it without the wig becoming noticeable to others.
  • With an adhesive, it’s easy to remove and reuse over and over again.


  • The glues and adhesives contain potentially harmful chemicals that could cause an allergic reaction (some glues are made with a water-based, however, so be sure to ask your hairdresser what type they use.)
  • Your real hair may not be protected from the elements, so you’ll only be able to wear these for a short time, two weeks or so at a time.

Lace wig sew in


  • A lace wig sew in protects your real hair from the elements. Your hair won’t be exposed to heat from a hair dryer or the environment. The extension hair is what takes the daily wear and tear so your natural hair is protected.
  • A sew in is usually the cheapest option and in some cases can be much less expensive than other types of weaves and wigs. Keep in mind, though, that cheaper options may not give you the best quality hair.
  • You can experiment with different type of wigs, such as straight or curly. This saves you from spending money on chemicals and perms.


  • It takes longer to do, because you’re sewing, not just sticking hair on with glue.
  • If you use invisible thread it can be difficult to see what is thread and what is real hair; so there is a risk of cutting your real hair when taking off the lace wig
  • A sew-in can limit you in regards to style; you won’t be able to put your up in a braid or ponytail as the wig will be made extremely noticeable

There are many different options available when it comes to weaves and wigs, adhesives and sew ins. The choice you make will ultimately depend on your budget, your lifestyle, your tastes and your comfort level. If you’re unsure of which option is right for you, talk to your hairstylist and discuss various scenarios. When you know all of the facts, you can make an informed decision. You can also try both a lace wig sew in and an adhesive (not at the same time). Compare the two styles and then decide which one you’re more comfortable with. Remember, it’s all about boosting your confidence so you can walk with pride and a high level of self-esteem. In the end, you have to do what works for you!