Lace Wig Terminology

  Yaki – This a popular lace wig texture among African American/black because it closely resembles African American Hair texture that has been relaxed. Depending on where you purchase your lace, the textures may vary from company to company. Light Yaki – African American /Black Hair texture that has been finely relaxed. This texture is […]

Ombre Trend for Lace Wigs & U-part wigs

Introducing the Ombre hair color trend! Its been spotted on plenty of A-list Celebrities including Ciara, Nikki Manaj, Jennifer Hudson & Naomi Campbell. The French-termed trend features darker, more natural hues at the roots which gradually lightens at the ends. Now you can get the same look in literally minutes on Lace Wigs & U-part wigs without […]

Clip in Bangs for Black Women

  Celebrities have adopted Clip In Bangs as the newest ‘must have’ for hair. Clip on bangs are a great way to try a new hairstyle without committing to cutting your own hair. Cutting bangs can be a big commitment because hair takes a while to grow out you may be stuck with bangs for many months. […]